About Wheelie Fit Mums

What is Wheelie Fit Mums?

Stroller Fitness for all Mums of any Fitness Level.

Owned and operated by Qualified Personal Trainer Ruth van't Wout, trained and experienced in work with Pre and Postnatal Mums ensuring safe and effective exercise tailored to your needs. 

We are Christchurch's most flexible stroller fitness programme for mums with children. We combine fitness and friendship where real mums can work out together in an environment that is affordable, safe, sociable and fun! 

It's the perfect solution for all mums with younger children who are looking at getting back to pre-pregnancy shape or better.  Whether it's toning, weight loss, fitness or mental health, we cater for all. Mums with children of any stroller age child may come along - as long as they still fit!

Wheelie Fit Mums™ includes cardio, strength, core and pelvic floor training.  Our programme is suitable for prenatal mums who already have older children and postnatal mums.

Wheelie Fit Mums™ offers regular class times with convenient online booking, and concession card memberships. How you use them is up to you.  All active members also receive great benefits from our "Wheelie Fit Friends" - local and national businesses that we work with.



Affordable, Social, Flexible & Safe.