In the beginning...

What mum doesn't want to feel their best, and get back into shape after having children? But finding time to exercise with a new baby can be challenging to say the least!
We understand that it is hard enough trying to find some “you” time, let-alone the guilt of leaving your child with someone else so you can go and exercise. We believe Wheelie Fit Mums will suit your needs.
Your needs as we understand them:
• You wish to meet other mums who share the motivation to train, and work-alongside each other to get results.
• An exercise option where you can bring your baby with you
• To have access to qualified and experienced trainers who will train you appropriately.
• To get back in shape and feel better about your post-baby body
• To belong to a community of mothers who have fun and engage in regular social events.

Wheelie Fit Mums™ is the most unique, and flexible exercise programme for mums where you can workout with your baby in a stroller.  Whether you have a newborn baby, or an older pre-school age child, as long as they can fit in a stroller, you can participate in our programme.  It is not just about getting in shape. it's about taking some time out for yourself, and putting yourself higher on your own priority list.  It's a place where you can socialise, be with your baby, make new friends and get a workout all at the same time.

Wheelie Fit Mums™ is owned and operated by Ruth van't Wout, REPs Registered and qualified exercise professional, trained and experienced in both pre and postnatal exercise. You can now exercise with the assurance that what you are doing is safe and appropriate given your own situation. All Mums and Bubs welcome!

"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration, and inspiration". Evan Esar.