Here at Wheelie Fit Mums we believe in keeping it simple....


We understand when you're a mum, it's hard to put yourself first occasionally.  So we have designed a programme that is affordable by allowing you not to miss sessions when you have a sick child, or can no longer make it to a session.  We are very competitively priced. You get small group personal training for your specific post natal stage, and the ability to change the day and time you train at very short notice.  With a flexi membership you can book and cancel up to 24 hours before any session.  This allows you, the customer, to be in full control of the sessions you purchase.  Simply re-book for another day when you can't make it.  Loyalty discounts are very generous for those members who wish to re-purchase and continue on their fitness journey with Wheelie Fit Mums.


We understand that conversation with the four walls of your house, or a toddler sometimes just isn't enough! There aren't many exercise classes for mums where you have the chance to actually engage in conversation while you workout, and build real friendships. Wheelie Fit Mums™ isn't just about the exercise it's about the opportunity to make new friends and be part of a group.  As Mums we sometimes end up putting ourselves last, and Wheelie Fit MumsTM is one way you can take a little bit of time back for yourself.  


Wheelie Fit Mums™ allows you to choose when you want to work out with your baby.  The flexible option is perfect for mums on the go with busy schedules that change from week to week.  If your plans change it's easy to re-schedule.  The programmes have been designed to fit around the needs of you and your baby.  Best of all, if you need to cancel for any reason up to 24 hours before the class, you won't lose a session credit. 

Safety and Suitability

We can guarantee here at Wheelie Fit Mums™ that your safety is of paramount importanc.  This time of your life is crucial to ensure you undertake the correct exercises at the correct time.  This is a very specific time in your life where the fitness training you get needs to be matched to your specific post natal needs.  Exercise has many benefits postnatally, but you need to be under the guidance of a qualified trainer who has comprehensive knowledge in this area.  In many cases trainers at gyms, and in "bootcamp" style sessions do not have an adequate amount of training.  You can rest assured when you join Wheelie Fit Mums™ that you will be in a safe and appropriate exercise environment with post-natally educated trainers, who deliver a fun, effective safe exercise programme to look after and improve your postnatal fitness without damage and injury.