Wheelie Fit™  

Stroller Fitness for Prenatal and Postnatal mums

The Wheelie Fit Mums™ programme gives you the chance to work out in a safe, effective and fun way while keeping your child in the stroller.  We use the stroller, our own bodies, tubing, and free weights to put together a great whole body workout in 50 minutes.

Wheelie Fit Mums™ caters for all fitness levels, from the absolute beginner, to those who have already started a fitness programme.  Multiple levels within one class, so how hard you work is up to you!  Wheelie Fit Mums also teaches you the correct alignment, technique and posture to make sure you get the most out of each session. 



Get Fit /  Lose Weight


Meet Friends / Have Fun   


Tone and Tighten

Strengthen Muscles

Improve your core stability

Restore your pelvic floor