Safety Guidelines and Recommendations

Welcome to Wheelie Fit Mums! We have put together the following checklist to make sure you get the most out of your stroller sessions and have an enjoyable time.  If you have any questions feel free to ask them at anytime. Before you can attend your first session please read the following:

  • Make sure you have your LMC/GP’s permission before you begin
  • Wear trainers and comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting sweaty
  • Wear a supportive bra, and if wearing a breastfeeding bra make sure that it fits snugly and the straps are positioned correctly
  • Layer your clothing as our bodies warm up and cool down quickly
  • During summer you will need: sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and water for both you and your child, plus remember the sun cover for the stroller.  You may also want to bring a mat, or towel for floor exercises
  • During winter you will need: gloves, a hat, a scarf and a jacket, plus a wind cover for the stroller.  Make sure your child is wrapped up cosy and warm.
  • A WATER BOTTLE for yourself and your child, especially if you are breastfeeding
  • Most strollers are suitable for Wheelie Fit Mums, as long as it has a functioning brake and a way to protect your child from the wind and sun.  Safety and maintenance of the stroller is your responsibility.  Wheelie Fit Mums recommends 3 wheel strollers.
  • The safety, care and supervision of your child/children is your responsibility at all times
  • Have your instructors mobile number handy just in case you get separated from the group

Before the Session

  • If you breastfeed, feeding you baby before the session is ideal, as baby is more content and you can feel more comfortable
  • Toilet check for you, and nappy check for the baby before we set off
  • Try to arrive 10 minutes before the beginning of the session, as we leave promptly and vary the route often.

During the Session

  • At all times babies and toddlers are in their strollers they must be strapped in. Bring toys that strap onto the stroller, and easy to eat snacks.  Ration them out throughout the session.
  • At each “STOPPING” station ensure that the brakes are ON
  • If you need to tend to your baby or child during the session that is no problem, the class will need to continue on, but we can be flexible and loop back to pick you up again if you can’t keep going
  • Remember that even if you were a regular exerciser before, or haven’t done much exercise in the past, your body is still recovering from growing your baby for 9 months!  It can take time to get back to previous fitness levels.  Be kind to yourself, have fun, and gently work your way back.    You should not have pain while doing any exercise, and you are the expert on your own body. So if something doesn’t feel right let your instructor know straight away.

After the Session

  • It is especially important for the postnatal stage to make sure you do the warm down.  We will incorporate this into the session, but if you feel you need to do more stretching after class then make sure you do. 
  • Wheelie Fit Mums caters for all levels of fitness and recovery, and different levels of exercise will be indicated.  We hope you enjoy your workout and after a few sessions you will feel the natural “high” that comes after exercising!